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Client Testimonials

Had my first session yesterday and I loved it. Felt calm and relaxed and really enjoyed Toni and her revelations that were so true. Very interesting and informative. Toni's intuition is very helpful. She is friendly but professional.
Will be going back to keep unblocking my areas she pinpointed. Highly  recommend.                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                Melissa B.

"Mariah is an outstanding Reiki practitioner. 
I struggle with anxiety, & she was able to bring me out of a panic attack and calm me down quickly. She is 10 out of 10!"

I was privileged to receive my Reiki Master certification from Toni yesterday at exactly 11:11 am. I understand through this experience that it is no accident that her practice is named Heart Centered Reiki Healing because that is exactly what it is. Toni made it so comfortable for me to express myself on this journey. She is a healer on many levels. Her way of sharing the gift of reiki is refreshing, motivating, and very healing. I love her humor and human side as well. Those characteristics make her an even better teacher. From my first class of Reiki 1, followed by Reiki 2, to now Reiki Master, to group Reiki share sessions to private Reiki treatment this has been such an honor. My deepest gratitude Toni. With love and respect, Namaste my teacher, --Gail

I had the amazing privilege of receiving my Reiki Master's certification through Heart Centered Reiki Healing. First, you will always feel at ease and comfortable in her presence. Toni answered all of my inquiries, calmed by doubts as a healer, and made the entire experience enjoyable. I continue to grow spiritually as an individual and healer and I am truly grateful to Toni for her support in my growth. There are so many wonderful qualities to describe Toni. She is a beautiful individual! A kind soul with a true gift of healing. Toni is a wealth of information and is always willing to share her expertise with you. And I cannot forget Toni will make you laugh! She is too funny and will always have you giggling :) Thank you Toni! 

With loving kindness, Kim

Toni is sensitive to the needs of her clients as well as being very knowledgeable in her use of the methodology utilized.  Toni fully embraces the role that processing plays after a session of Reiki and I found that so important and helpful.  I have no hesitation in recommending Toni to anyone in need of  her services.
                                                          -Valerie U. 
I had my first Reiki session with Toni a few weeks ago. I was severely blocked by something I could not get clarity on on my own. During the session, I felt deeply calm, and some clarity came to me in that peaceful state. Then, in the post-Reiki discussion we had, and after looking up something Toni said about a TV show that she didn't even realize was deeply significant to me, full clarity descended. And I could move forward with ease after months of being blocked. What Toni does is beyond Reiki and so hard to explain. There is her intuition too, and her soulful wisdom and insight. But she sees/senses what you can't because you've been too close to it. She opens the energy first with the Reiki. And after that, she shares things she perceives in the session. And in that discussion time, because you are in a relaxed and peaceful state, I believe you can hear what she shares in a way that you just wouldn't have been able to before the Reiki. At least I would not have been able to. Thanks, Toni, for a great session that really helped me blow through things that could have taken me a few more months on my own.

I  received Reiki here after traveling 45 minutes from Scottsdale. Peaceful and relaxing, she provided me relief from my recent (and never before had) anxiety. Explained to me some things I could do to maintain balance in my life. It's been 2 weeks and I still feel more centered and calm. Thank you!!  ..    

  •                                                        Christina  W.

"Toni is a fantastic Reiki healer. I've had Reiki many times before and she is by far one of the best. She's kind, welcoming and in our initial messaging, she got back to me very quickly as I had lots of questions that she replied back to thoroughly. Her office was easy to locate, is safe and cozy. The table was comfortable and she has a nice warm blanket for you too.

I was looking for a Reiki session because I was feeling scattered, had a lot on my mind that was creating stress for me, and some physical heaviness in my body as well. Once she started the session, I immediately relaxed and could feel the healing light flowing through me throughout the entire session.

Afterwards I could breathe better, felt a sense of peace again, and even hours later I am so relaxed and calm.  She offers her intuitive insights if you're open to receive that, which were spot on and affirming. If you're looking to release the old, move some stuck energies, and reconnect back to you again, Definitely see Toni!

Thank you for a great session! I'll be back!

 --Chris A.

Toni was right on with me . I had never talked with her about myself and she told me what she felt and it was all true . I have booked more sessions.

Sherrill E.
Mar 28, 2018 

I have received 2 reiki sessions in person with Toni when my mother passed away and I found the sessions very healing. I have since been doing distance reiki sessions every week with Toni for 8 months and it has been mind blowing in so many peaceful ways. I have found a deeper, inner strength because of reiki.

                         Lisa Lauerman-Chicago

"Toni this is fantastic! I truly believe in her and her skills- they are truly amazing. She has done distant Reiki on me a few times now and not only has it helped me in healing she was able to pin point issues I never mentioned to her. She is amazing full of love and light. I live on Long Island in NY and Toni is in AZ. We never met in person, we met through another amazing healer Maria Mandarino LAc. If your thinking of having a Distant Reiki Healing Toni is honest and most sincere a great choice. I will stand by this statement over and over again."


Millie Giangrasso-New York 

"Toni is amazing! I highly recommend her work."
Julie Jaskolski-Arizona

Toni was very friendly and professional. I enjoyed my time with her and she was pretty knowledgeable on the Reiki arts. I would go to her again if I had any questions or needed any type of Reiki treatment.

Tim M.

Welcoming environment, personalized attention. I'm glad I started my Reiki journey here.

David P.

I am learning Reiki from Toni and I must say she is very knowledgeable. Toni has worked with my schedule as far as getting in to see her. When I first started looking for a Reiki teacher on here she was the least pushy and quick to respond. Glad I am working with her!! Plus my Reiki session for myself was amazing!
---Nyla R.