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                            Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

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Distance Reiki Healing Sessions 

Distance Reiki is also available @ Heart Centered Reiki Healing- experience a profound sense of relaxation and healing body, mind and spirit.

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How do Reiki Distance Healing Sessions work?

To understand reiki distance healing, we need to first  understand reiki.  Reiki is energy- Life Force energy. Energy is free flowing and everywhere. It is boundless and  infinite.  Energy encompasses every thing- both living and inanimate. There is nothing you can see, hear taste or smell that is not made up of energy.

Reiki creates or more accurately, facilitates healing by directing and balancing energy with focus and intention to another person- regardless if they are in the same room, or a hundred miles away. Reiki practitioners utilize symbols taught to them. Some people believe these symbols hold a 'power' of their own.  I can't tell you if power is the correct word, but they certainly hold an energy of their own. Thought is energy, and these symbols represent different aspects of healing, so-yeah, they have their own energy. Beyond that, they also are focused intention, which in and of itself, is very powerful.

BTW, reiki can also be utilized to heal animals and objects, as well as events.  I should probably clarify that last sentence.  In terms of events-  reiki facilitates healing of the energy related or connected to events- past, present and future.

What to expect during Reiki Distance Session

What to expect during your  distance reiki healing session:

One of the services I offer is distance reiki sessions-

There are some things I would strongly suggest you do in order to experience the best possible state of relaxation. First, you should find a space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Just prior to the session, I will text you to ask if you are ready- once you indicate you are, the session will begin.

You should sit, or lie down comfortably, and relax. One way to do this is by focusing on your breathing without trying to control it.  As you follow your breath, you will find it slows and becomes rhythmic all on it's own.  This will be somewhat like meditating. Allow your thoughts to come and go. You may notice some physical sensations. Sometimes you may feel a sensation or heat, or cold on a certain area on your body. Sometimes it's a pulsing, or tingling, and sometimes you don't notice any sensations at all.  Regardless of what you do or do not feel, Reiki is at work.

What to expect following Reiki Distance Session

After the session:

Once the session has finished, I will send you a text to let you know. You will want to take your time 'coming around' once it has ended.  Many people describe it as feeling like they just had a long sleep. So, take your time- wiggle your toes, move your hands, arms, legs, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with. It is very important to drink a lot of water following a reiki session. Energy will now be flowing freely, blockages will have been cleared and your body will be ridding itself of physical, emotional and spiritual blockages.

Once you have come around, and have had some water, I ask you call me for a brief post session assessment. This allows me to find out how you are feeling, to give you any impressions I receive during the session and to answer any questions you might have.

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I am able to offer Reiki Distance Healing at this time.  I offer 60 minute distance healing sessions for $70.00.  This will be by appointment only. To schedule a session, please fill out the form below, or text 623-256-2259. 

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