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Paranormal Intuitives

Posted on January 20, 2019 at 1:45 PM
Yesterday I joined Madeline LaMont and Barbara South on their talk radio show- "Everything Holistic" to talk about dealing with paranormal activity. There has been so much hype on this subject, I really wanted a chance to give people a clear picture of what this is, how it works and answer questions people have about it. I have been dealing with the paranormal for a good deal of my life, when I stop and think about it. I was an adult, actually, when I came to terms with it and began learning what it meant, why it happens and how to deal with it. And with this, as with everything else, you don't stop learning about. There is so much to it. Anyway, the radio show went really well, and I had a lot of fun doing it! I do have a group, called Paranormal Intuitives- it's a really small group, we are all Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioners. We have formed to help people who have paranormal activity in their house and have been unable to get rid of it. Hopefully, as we educate people about this subject, the need for someone to come in and cleanse your home will at least lessen. Should someone need a cleansing, we will first make an initial visit, during whiih we will talk to you about the activitiy you are experienceing. This is important, because it gives us a clearer idea of what is going on, and what we are dealing with. We then will do an assessment of the space (house or office, or whatever space you are concerned about) and gather as much information as we can. We will then sit with you and decide on a plan. It may be that it is something that is easily cleansed and we can just advise on how to proceed , or it may be a bit more complicated. In which case we will make a second visit to your home or office and perform the cleansing for you. If you have any questions about any of this, I do believe there is a place to comment- and I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

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