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Energy Shift

Posted on August 14, 2018 at 2:05 PM
I really do believe there has been a substantive shift in my energy. Maria from Spirit Point Acupuncture worked with me yesterday. That session was really awesome...I could really feel energy moving through my body. I think what stood out most at the time was this feeling of almost an ache, but very dull that moved from right to left across my abdomen, right around the surgical site....when I asked about it, Maria confirmed that was energy moving. So, this was the first time I really felt it there....and I was feeling it everywhere else as well. It was also extremely relaxing. As things turned out, I went to sleep around midnight, but, slept through the night until around 6:30 this morning. I did get up once to use the bathroom, but am happy to report I went right back to sleep! This is probably the second or third time this has happened. But, the sleep was much more peaceful - and I didn't wake up tense and sore. That is also a big improvement. The Home Health nurse was out to see me today. She is really very nice, her energy is good- caring, practical- she truly does things and discusses things that are actually helpful and that is so refreshing! When she comes it doesn't feel like an intrusion, and she doesn't talk at me. She really engages and is open and really listens. Like I said, refreshing! So now, I am focused on getting to that point where I can get back to work.... This is going to take a bit of time, but I am hoping not too much. Financially, if I stay home too much longer I will be screwed, and while probably not impossible, it will become extremely difficult to meet financial obligations. Medical care in this country is a total sham- but that would be a whole other blog.....and since this is the first blog I have done, I need to focus on this! I really am just ready to move forward and begin working toward returning to work......but here's how this works...I still have not heard anything about when the PET scan is scheduled for, the portacath insertion is not scheduled untill September 4th, and the next appointment with the oncologist is apparently not for chemo, but for chemo teaching. Everything seems to be moving so slowly, at times it makes me crazy. I really do need to get this moving along. The only thing I can do, and I say this all the time, because it truly is the only thing that can be done- is to just keep doing what's in front of me.

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