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Getting the most out of a Reiki Healing Session

Posted on May 10, 2018 at 1:45 PM
Having a Reiki healing session can create a profound sense of relaxation, allowing the body to heal itself. How many times have you heard or read that? How many times have I said it? Feels like beyond counting. Reiki works and will help you relax. Here are some things you can do to help facilitate a deep sense of relaxation. First, you will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Anything tight or binding has potential to slow energy flow- it can also be very distracting. The second thing you want to do is to release any expectations you have concerning the session. If you come to the session with a high expectation of something specific happening- you could leave very disappointed. The thing you were expecting may not happen, but something always does, and if you are focused on feeling, seeing or hearing a certain thing, you could miss what is happening. What clients feel during a Reiki session varies. Some people have reported feeling heat, some feel cold, others feel tingling, and still others feel a vibration. Then there are those who don't feel anything at all, except much more relaxed then when they first arrived. The best advice I can give, it to pay attention to your body, before, during and after. Pay attention to your emotions as well. Do this before the session, during the session and for several days following the session. Reiki is a very subtle, yet powerful method of natural healing. Sometimes, the changes that take place are subtle as well.

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