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Toni Krahling, RMT,LPN
Chrystal Healing Practitioner & Teacher, 
Psychic, Paranormal Intuitive investigator

I became attuned to Reiki approximately  15 years ago. And became a Reiki Master teacher about two years ago.

Once I became attuned to Reiki, my understanding of the true nature of healing became more apparent to me. But the truth is, I had intuited this long before. 

After I became attuned and I would be practicing Reiki, I found the process reminded me of a ballet. I don't know how else to really describe it. As I would channel the energy, it was as if everything else in the room would fade away. And all I was aware of was the person I was working on, and the energy. I absolutely fell in love with that feeling.

Mariah Krahling, Reiki Master

Psychic, Psychometrist, Paranormal intuitive investigator

I am very happy to announce that my daughter, Mariah will be joining me at Heart Centered Reiki Healing, offering Reiki healing sessions.

 Mariah  received her Reiki II Certification approximately 3 years ago, and has since been practicing Reiki and developing her spiritual gifts.  

On March 14th, she received her Reiki III Certification! Congratulations  Mariah!

Mariah is also a  gifted empath and Psychic -she is now offering private readings using psychometry.  
To schedule and appointment directly with Mariah, text 480-826-4990

1 hour Reiki session: $65.00
15 min Reading- $25
30 min Reading- $45

Trish Monroe, RMT, LPN

Welcome a new member to the Heart Centered Reiki Team!

Trish Monroe has been practicing Reiki for the past 5 years and received her Reiki III certification & attunement on March 2nd this year. Congratulations Trish!!

Trish is also an empath and a physical medium as well as an EFT practitioner. 

1 hour Reiki Session: $65.00

                                  90 minute Reiki Session: $85.00

                               To make an  appointment directly  with Trish, text 602-677-6561