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Heart Centered Reiki Healing 

Healing from the heart. 

Toni Krahling, Reiki Master Teacher
Crystal Healing Practitioner & Teacher, 
Psychic, Paranormal Intuitive investigator

I became attuned to Reiki approximately  15 years ago. And became a Reiki Master teacher about three  years ago.

Once I became attuned to Reiki, my understanding of the true nature of healing became more apparent to me. But the truth is, I had intuited this long before. 

To me, Reiki is an ongoing journey in which we reach new levels of understanding - not only of healing, but of life itself.

Reiki reminds me of a ballet of sorts with it's grace and beauty. It is through facilitating healing in others that we heal ourselves, and it is through teaching the art of Reiki that we learn. 

Mariah Krahling, Reiki Master

Psychic, Psychometrist, Paranormal intuitive investigator

I am very happy to announce that my daughter, Mariah will be joining me at Heart Centered Reiki Healing, offering Reiki healing sessions.

 Mariah  received her Reiki II Certification approximately 3 years ago, and has since been practicing Reiki and developing her spiritual gifts.  

On March 14th, she received her Reiki III Certification! Congratulations  Mariah!

Mariah is also a  gifted empath and Psychic -she is now offering private readings using psychometry.  
To schedule and appointment directly with Mariah, text 480-826-4990

1 hour Reiki session: $65.00
15 min Reading- $25
30 min Reading- $45