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                           Welcome to Heart Centered Reiki Healing!!

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Toni Krahling, RMT, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Medical Intuitive
                                              Toni Krahling, RMT

"I had the amazing privilege of receiving my Reiki Master's certification through Heart Centered Reiki Healing. First, you will always feel at ease and comfortable in her presence. Toni answered all of my inquiries, calmed by doubts as a healer, and made the entire experience enjoyable. I continue to grow spiritually as an individual and healer and I am truly grateful to Toni for her support in my growth. There are so many wonderful qualities to describe Toni. She is a beautiful individual! A kind soul with a true gift of healing. Toni is a wealth of information and is always willing to share her expertise with you. And I cannot forget Toni will make you laugh! She is too funny and will always have you giggling :) Thank you Toni!"


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                                                        What is Reiki?
Reiki is traditional  Japanese method of natural healing that promotes a profound state of relaxation, allowing the body to heal itself.   The word 'Reiki'  comes from the Japanese word "Rei" which means Universal Life, and "Ki", which means  energy.  Reiki works to heal the body, mind and spirit. Reiki  can be very effective in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps to relieve insomnia, promoting restful sleep. It works to assist in lowering blood pressure, helps relieve headaches and general aches and pains. It  can also assist in promoting mental clarity. There is no situation or condition that Reiki cannot assist in healing. 
Reiki does not take the place of medical care, but it does compliment any medical or psychological care that is being received. 
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Reiki Benefits: 

Headache Relief                             Strengthens the immune system

 Improved Memory                        Helps Relieve Depression

 Lowers blood pressure                 Relieves Anxiety 

 Improved sleep                              Increases Stamina & focus

Lower stress levels               Increases Creativity & Intuition

 Promotes Relaxation           Balances Mind, Body  & Spirit

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What should you expect during a reiki session?

During a reiki session, the client lies on a massage table, or is seated in a chair, fully clothed. The practitioner then places his/her hands in different positions on or just above the body. The client may experience a variety of sensations- heat, tingling, vibration, cold. Some people have reported noticing colors-- and some people report feeling nothing at all. The experience is as varied as people themselves. The one thing that everyone seems to experience is a deep sense of relaxation. 

It is important to know that regardless of any sensations that you do or do not have, Reiki is working. Some people report immediate subtle changes, and sometimes more dramatic changes are noticed immediately.  For others, the changes will occur over time, sometimes over a two week period. Again, there is a wide variety of the way in which the body responds to Reiki.

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